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From a Foot of Snow to Sporadic 80s

A few weeks ago I was talking about lots and lots of snow. Now, it’s 86 hot degrees out!

Twice in the past two weeks forecasters have said it was going to be in the low to mid 70 and it was actually in the low to mid 80s!! We were excited to get 70s but 80s! WOW

Today was forecasted to be 75 and it’s 86 out right now! This is Minnesota people and it’s only April! Does this say anything about our spring or summer? Will it be a summer of extreme heat? It seems that we jumped from Winter to Summer. Wow, I don’t even know where my sandals are!

We are enjoying the huge temperature swing and I’ll be sad when it goes back to more seasonable temperature. For now, I’m just trying to soak it all up!

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  1. I hear ya. It’s been a weird season in general though. Winter was a joke this year in the Twin Cities. We made it all the way to February with barely any snow and no cold. Then it went straight from Fall to Winter. Now in April it goes from Winter straight to Summer. If this continues we’re going to have to change the order of our Minnesota seasons.

    I’m enjoying the weather as well; however, I’ll be happy when (if) we get back to normal. Then it might not be so noticeable that my cheap ass apartment building switches the A/C on and off based on the date rather than the temperature 😉

  2. Thomas says:

    Sounds like next week it’ll be in the 60s. But it’s to far off to tell.

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