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Pickin’ Apple and A-maze-ing Corn

We enjoyed a few fall festivities over the weekend. We went to Deardorff Orchards, an apple orchard just down the road from us and picked our own apples. It was a beautiful day and just being outside enjoying the fall day was great. We also got some great apples and went for a wagon ride.

Apple Tree

After that we went to Severs Corn maze and walked though corn. It’s not quite as exciting as we were hoping but it was fun non the less. For those that don’t know, it’s a corn field that they turn into a giant maze and you work your way though. Unlike most corn fields, this field is planted in two different directions to help confuse people. They do give you a map though.

Here is what you see when you are in the corn maze:

Corn Maze

It was a lot of fun and it’s nice to get away from the computer every now and then.

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