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NeoOffice Goodness & Replacement Icon

I’ve recently re-checked out NeoOffice. NeoOffice is the Mac version of OpenOffice and is a great alternative to Microsoft Office. NeoOffice is free which makes it $400 less that the Microsoft version. 😉 The download is big, but it’s a program that sure can do a lot. The interface is very nice and it makes […]


Online Only Get Mac Ads

Apple is taking their TV Get Mac ads and creating web specific ones. Since I block most advertising on the net, I didn’t notice until yesterday. These sure beat out any ‘punch the monkey’ ads or giant pigs with the 50 states on them trying to get me to re-finance. Hopefully Apple will help re-invent […]


Growl Notifications in Thunderbird & Firefox

Today, the folks over at Growl released official extensions for both Thunderbird and Firefox. You can now be alerted when new mail arrives or when downloads complete. Install is extremely simple, just install the extension. That’s it. You can configure how it displays though the main Growl system preference just like any other application. It’s […]


Google Loves Apple? iGoogle Launched

I was reading over at TechCrunch that Google personalized homepages were re-launching as iGoogle. When I logged into my account, sure enough, there it was; iGoogle. Now, most things that start with an i followed by a product name remind me of Apple. I think it was that iMac that started it all and of […]


Mailplane brings Gmail to the desktop.

If you use Gmail and a Mac, Mailplane is a must have application. It’s really the first program I’ve seen that really takes a web based application to the desktop. At it’s core, it’s really just a webkit browser (or so I assume) that shows Gmail. But then there is so much more. It has […]


What’s the point of Google Desktop Mac?

When I arrived home from vacation last week I saw the news that Google Desktop was released for the Mac. All excited, I downloaded it and installed it. However, it’s not really necessary on a Mac. When Google Desktop came out for Windows, it was great. The main reason was becasue it gave Windows a […]