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Lily loves the swings.

On one of our walks, a few weeks ago, we stopped by the park and let Lily test out the swings for the first time. Turns out, she’s a big fan! I see many trips to the park in our future. The only thing we have to worry about now is the weather. When will […]


All cool babies have three teeth.

At about 4 months, Lily got her first two teeth on the bottom. Now, 4 months later, she’s got one more, this time on top. Most people will tell you that babies get teeth in pairs, at least the first few anyway, but not us. We are rocking the smile with three teeth. All cool […]


A Day In The Life Of Bacon on Twitter

Who doesn’t love Bacon? Here are just some of the bacon chatter I picked up on Twitter recently. RT @bacon Mr. Sus got a free Squealin’ Mary at @BeaversHouston for wearing his @rstevens “Bacon is a Vegetable” shirt: RT @cfarias: Dude, Where’s My Bacon? #bacon RT @marengoni: Bacon Instantâneo! RT @MadLabM: #BaconQueen […]


I’m Mr. Mom today.

It’s time for dad to step up to the plate and use all that parenting knowledge he’s been soaking up. You see, daycare’s closed today. That means I get to spend all day just hanging out with Lily. But that also means I get all feedings, changing and everything else. I’ve spent a ton of […]