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How Do You Create a Facebook Profile Page For Babies?

I recently thought it’d be a fun idea to set up Lily with Facebook so friends and family could “talk” with her. Even though she’s only 9.5 months, I think a lot of people would like it. But it’s not that easy. The first thing I tried was setting her up with her own profile. […]

Customize Your Wells Fargo Check Card Any Way You Want

Did you know that you can customize your Wells Fargo check cards any way that you want? Create your own graphics, upload them and they’ll print you off a custom card for free. The process is pretty easy, however you may need some graphic skills if you want to get creative. If you just want […]

Use Google Chrome’s Private Browsing To Login To Multiple Accounts

If you’re like me and you need to access multiple accounts on the same service, like different Gmail or Twitter accounts, on a daily basis, logging in and out gets to be a pain. You could always just open up a different browser, but that’s annoying too. Google Chrome however has a good work around as you […]

Speeding Up WordPress Starts With Plugin Developers

I’ve recently been looking at Google’s speed test tool and working to increase the speed of some of the sites I interact with daily. Where as there are things that we, as blog owners, can control, a lot of speeding up WordPress falls in the hands of plugin developers. Here is what WordPress plugins developers […]

10 Things You Should Know About CSS

I’ve been working with cascading style sheets (CSS) for years and have learned quite a bit. So I thought I’d write down some of my tips and tricks for all those that are learning about CSS. Here are my 10 CSS tips that web developers should know. Start off with a CSS reset. A CSS […]

New URLs & Lots of Patients

For some time I’ve wanted to remove the month, day, year from my URL structure on my blog but I haven’t. Everything I’ve ever learned about SEO is to not change the URLs. However I really wanted to. Then, late last week, my host somehow blocked Google bot from accessing the server I’m on and […]

A Day In The Life Of Bacon on Twitter

Who doesn’t love Bacon? Here are just some of the bacon chatter I picked up on Twitter recently. RT @bacon Mr. Sus got a free Squealin’ Mary at @BeaversHouston for wearing his @rstevens “Bacon is a Vegetable” shirt: RT @cfarias: Dude, Where’s My Bacon? #bacon RT @marengoni: Bacon Instantâneo! RT @MadLabM: #BaconQueen […]

Are There Any Great Weather Apps For The Mac?

I’m a big fan of the weather, but I lack a great desktop weather app for my Mac. I have WeatherDock which is decent. However, it  basically just shows the temp and forecast. No radar, and nothing special. It is however the one I use most. Meteorologist was cool back in the day but I […]