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iPox Version 3

iPox version 3 is now available! iPox v3 has landed with some re-designed elements, bug fixes, and iPox Aqua mixed in. So what’s new? The scrollbars have been re-designed utilizing CSS. They are now a light grey with a nice mouse over effect. The throbber has been reverted back to the Mac throbber. The URL bar has […]


Surviving Without My iMac

It’s now day 4 without my iMac and I’m surviving quite well. You see, my iMac screen decided that a yellow vertical line was cool and I didn’t agree. So I called Apple and my screen was on recall so they’re fixing it for free. The downside is that it’ll take 5-7 days. So I’m […]


Are Firefox Themes Dying?

I’ve been developing Firefox themes for the past few years and, as I see Firefox change and evolve, I’m beginning to wonder if themes are going to become a thing of the past. Why? Firefox is pushing personas. They are now standard in Firefox 3.6. Themes are complex with lots of pieces to edit and […]


All You Need To Know About Social Media [pict]

Have you ever wondered the difference between Facebook, Twitter and MySpace?  Well has just the answer for you. It seems that Facebook is a combo of narcissism and stalking where MySpace is narcissism and ADHD. Twitter on the other hand has all three! Go Twitter! If you’d like, makes this print available on […]


Stainless – A Mac Browser With Unique Features

Sometimes I like Safari, sometimes Firefox, Camino, Chrome or one of the others. I like to try out different browsers in hopes that I’ll find that one I love. One browser I’ve started really liking is Stainless. Stainless is a Mac browser that runs off of Safari’s rendering engine, but has its own personality. Stainless […]


Subscribe to Blog On A Stick on Twitter

Have you heard? RSS is dead. Well, honestly, I don’t think that will happen anytime soon. Either way, I decided that I might as well create a Twitter account for my blog for those who use Twitter for just about everything. If you’d like to, you can follow Blog On A Stick on Twitter and […]