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A Quick Look at Firefox 3 Beta 1

Firefox 3 Beta 1 is out and there are a few nice new features. I took a few minutes and played around with it and here are my findings. The Install DMG still doesn’t include an alias to the Mac Applications folder. Come on Mozilla, get this one working please. Once installed, the new Mac […]

90 Minutes With Super Mario Galaxy

My wife brought home Super Mario Galaxy we spend 90 minutes playing it last night. I have to say that even though Princess got taken again, it’s a phenomenal game. Mario is back in all his glory. The worlds are amazing. You are on round levels that you can literally run all the way around. […]

Six Small But Nice Leopard Features

After reading Hawk Wings Five favourite time-saving Leopard Tips, I decided to write my own six cool Leopard items. These are small features, but nice none the less. Smarter Renaming of Files When changing a file name in Leopard, the OS selects just the file name and not the extension. Vary handy for those that […]

Now on Mac OS 10.5 Leopard!

I stood in line last night like a good Apple geek to get Mac OSX 10.5 Leopard and a free t-shirt! I installed it this morning and it’s running great. I did the archive and install option and it’s all wonderful. I love the new dock and the rounded corners on the menus. Small things […]

Sweet Look of Google Analytics on AIR

Google Analytics is a great program, but add in Adobe AIR and it becomes even better with the Google Analytics Reporting Suite module. It’s a stand alone application that gives you direct access into your Google Analytics account with a few great features thrown in. The first thing I love is the ability to have […]

Chocoflop – A Simple & Free Image Editor

I’m always looking for cool applications and ways to make my life easier. I’m a big fan of Fireworks, but launching the application every time I want to make a quick image edit seems to be too much work sometimes. That’s why I found Chocoflop. Chocoflop is a free image editor for the Mac. It […]

The Death of YouTube?

YouTube has long been the goto place to find anything you missed from TV, or just to watch things you’d never see on TV. However, lately, it just seems like it’s being spammed more and more. In this example, I searched for Carrie Underwood and got a bit of spam instead. Since YouTube is owned […]

Renegade Rollercoaster Rocks

We visited Valleyfair for the first time this weekend in about two years and tested out some of the new rides. Much to our surprise, the new wooden rollercoaster Renegade is awesome! Now, I’m not tying to say that I thought Renegade wasn’t going to be good. It just wasn’t that tall and you didn’t […]

One Week With My Microsoft 5000 Mouse

When my Mighty Mouse stopped scrolling down, I was sad. When I broke it trying to clean it, I was depressed. But now I have a Microsoft Wireless 5000 Laser mouse and I’m pretty happy once again. I’ve never been a Microsoft Fan. I refuse to install Word or Excel on my iMac and, come […]

Sync iCal and Google Calendar for Free. Plus Outlook and Yahoo.

For quite a while now I’ve been looking for a solution to sync iCal and Google Calender. I’ve even though of giving up on iCal and using (an application) full time. However Plaxo 3 was released the other day and it syncs calendars for free. Running a few tests, it indeed does sync my […]