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Daughtry and Bon Jovi Rocked the Xcel

Last night (March 19th) we enjoyed Daughtry and Bon Jovi in concert at the Xcel Energy Center in St. Paul, MN. Granted our seats weren’t that close, and digital zoom isn’t the best, but I was pretty happy with my pictures.  View them all. And the concert ROCKED!  Daughtry is awesome and Bon Jovi sings […]

Ubuntu Is One Geeky OS

I’ve finally got Ubuntu (7.10) up and running. I tried, and failed, to get it running under Paralles a while back and finally took the time to try again. This time on a Windows machine that had some extra space. Overall the install was great, but once up and running there are a lot of […]

Updated Mozilla Prism Shows A Lot of Progress

I was excited about Mozilla’s Prism application when it first arrived on the scene. But then Fluid came out and I realized how un-polished Prism was.  However, Prism 0.9 is quite a large step forward. What’s new in Prism 0.9? The big thing is that it’s based off of Firefox 3.   It’s got the […]

Top 5 Reasons Why I Dropped Entourage 2008

I gave Entourage 2008 a go for a few weeks, but have since switched back to Thunderbird. It was really a lot of little things that just kept adding up. Here are the top 5 reasons why I dropped Entourage 2008. No Hyperlink Support – You can’t link a few words in emails. This was […]

Entourage 2008 – Quite A Ride

We’ll I’ve been on Entourage 2008 for about three weeks now and the ride has had its ups and downs. I’m happy with Entourage for the most part, but it’s flaws are hard to ignore. Things I love: Projects – Projects are cool in the fact that I can group emails together, file them away, […]

My Top 8 Thunderbird Extensions

Thunderbird is not quite as downloaded as Firefox these days, but it is a good start to what hopefully will become a powerful email client. In my daily use, I’ve tried many extensions and uninstalled most. However, here are 8 that I love: Lightning – Having a calendar right in your email client makes it […]

iPod Touch $20 Upgrade Rocks

I admit that paying $20 for a software update to my iPod Touch, less than a month after I got it, is kind of depressing, but I went for it and it’s like I have an all new iPod! New features include: Email client. Fully functional email that’s amazing. Weather app. I love the weather, […]

Fluid vs Prism for Desktop Web Applications

When I wrote about Mozilla’s Prism project a while ago, I was very excited for the possibility of bring web applications to the desktop. Since then, a new project called Fluid has popped up. It’s the same ideas as Prism, however is Mac only. Fluid is a small application that is used to create stand […]

The Beauty of Mozilla’s Prism Project

Have you checked out Mozilla’s Prism project yet? It’s pretty sweet. Prism is basically a version of Firefox with no address bar, no icons, no bookmarks, nothing. It’s just a browser that loads one pre-defined bookmark at a time. It sounds a little weird, but it’s really useful. When you start up Prism, it asks […]

Hulu – Who Knew It’d Be So Good?

I’ve been a member of Hulu for a few weeks now and I have to say that I’m quite impressed with it. The TV networks have really come together to create one great solution for internet TV. Hulu has a clean interface and is user friendly. It’s not over done with ads or extra stuff. […]