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Get Quick Updates On All Your Favorite Social Sites With Fluid

If you’re anything like me, you have more than a few social networks you are a part of. Keeping up with all those networks can be hard too. However, with the Mac app Fluid you can create multi-site menu bar applications for quick and easy access. What I have setup is Facebook mobile, Weather Underground […]

Backblaze Lets You Forget About Backing Up – It’s That Easy

I’ve been thinking about getting an online service to backup my computer for a while now, however most services made the plans confusing, didn’t have a Mac client, or had price levels that just made it more than I wanted to spend. However, I signed up for Backblaze and it’s been wonderful ever since. I […]

Todo – A Great Little iPod Task List

I’ve been waiting and waiting for the Apple App Store.  One of the items I really wanted was a checklist so I could keep track of things I needed at the store and tasks to be done, all without being connected to the internet.  Now I have that in Todo. Todo is a $10 application […]

My First Apple App Store Purchases

I was excited to see iTunes 7.7 this morning and then TUAW tipped us off as to how to get into the App Store. Excited to check it out, I found a few free applications and downloaded them. Nothing to exciting but the Remote application does let me control iTunes or Apple TV (if I […]

Plurk in a Twitter World & Why I Prefer Plurk

I’m a big fan of Plurk, a micro blogging platform, that is often compared to Twitter.  It has basically taken me away from Twitter by fixing some of my big Twitter concerns.  The more I use Plurk, the more I realize how many limitations and issues Twitter currently has. Here are a few reasons why […]

WALL•E Comes to a Firefox Theme

While browsing through the Mozilla Addons site yesterday I came across the official WALL•E Firefox theme! Unfortunately the theme is Windows only. However, with a bit of investigating, I was able to extract the jar file and install it on my Mac. The theme is pretty good. WALL•E is a bit hard to see behind […]

8 Things That Baffle Me About My iPod Touch

I’ve been an iPod Touch owner since Christmas and I’ve been very happy.  However, there are still a few things that I just don’t quite get.  Maybe someone can help explain. Coverflow – It’s a really sweet feature, but the album art seems to only match the song that was playing when Coverflow as activated. […]

Welcome WordPress 2.5 And The Awesome Admin

I took the jump and have upgraded to WordPress 2.5. On the outside, there aren’t any visible differences. Well, if you see any bugs, let me know. The admin side however is completely re-vamped and so nice! There are so may things to talk about that I just don’t have time right now to go […]

Daughtry and Bon Jovi Rocked the Xcel

Last night (March 19th) we enjoyed Daughtry and Bon Jovi in concert at the Xcel Energy Center in St. Paul, MN. Granted our seats weren’t that close, and digital zoom isn’t the best, but I was pretty happy with my pictures.  View them all. And the concert ROCKED!  Daughtry is awesome and Bon Jovi sings […]

Ubuntu Is One Geeky OS

I’ve finally got Ubuntu (7.10) up and running. I tried, and failed, to get it running under Paralles a while back and finally took the time to try again. This time on a Windows machine that had some extra space. Overall the install was great, but once up and running there are a lot of […]