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ecto Features

This is just an ecto test as I try and figure out a bunch of features. So far, so good. I’m really liking this desktop application and it should only get better!!! Let’s see, what can we do. Amazon Linkage: “Gamecube – Mario Party 7” (Nintendo) Wow, that’ was easy. How about some font’s and […]

Blog with Performancing Extension

I’ve just installed a cool looking extension called Performancing.  What it does is allows you to post to your blog from any Firefox window.  No need to go to your blog, login and then post.  This extension allows for multiple blog accounts and seems pretty slick so far.  This is my first test post so […]

Flock Firefox Theme

One of the big things I liked about the up-and-coming Flock web browser was the theme. It seemed so shiny and nice. Others must have liked it to as it’s being ported to Firefox! I’ve been running the Flock 0.2 Alpha theme and it’s very nice and looks quite complete to me. Works very well […]

Firefox Theme : Netscape Fusion

A while back Netscape 8 made a big buzz. It was all new and came with a cool blue/green theme. Now that Netscape’s buzz has run out, a developer is porting the Netscape 8 theme to Firefox. I’ve been running Fusion Alternative all day and it’s quite nice. A great looking and complete theme. Seems […]

Firefox 1.5 Mac Review

I’ve been running Firefox 1.5 all day on my iMac G5 and the update hasn’t disappointed me at all. Here are a few of the new things I’ve noticed, good and bad. Fancy installer (dmg) on the Mac. Start up is slow the first time, but that’s because it’s upgrading everything. Be patient and let […]

St Louis, Arkansas and Back

We are back and ever so happy to be. Our vacation was good but it really makes you like being home when you get back. St. Louis is a great town. We didn’t spend much time in the actual city, but rather an hour outside. However we did make it in on a few occasions. […]

iTrip LCD Review

When I got my new iPod (20 Gig, Color) the first accessory I needed was the iTrip. My old iPod (20 gig, 2nd gen) had an original iTrip and I couldn’t leave home without it. It became a permanent fixture on my iPod. So I ordered an iTrip LCD off eBay and and I have […]

New Yahoo Maps are Better Than Google!

A beta version of the new Yahoo Maps is out. Not only is it good looking, it’s feature rich! It’s built with Flash and Ajax (I believe) and has all the pretty map images that Google Maps has and it has the ability to zoom in and out and drag around without reloading the page. […]

MIMA Summit 2005

I was able to attend the MIMA Summit today and it was a great event. It covered search engine optimization, web design, email marketing, brand protection and much more. It took place at the McNamara Alumni Center on the U of M Campus. If you’ve never seen this building you should take a peek at […]

Romantic Comedy. With Zombies.

If you haven’t seen Shaun of the Dead [iTunes] I highly recommend it. It’s one of my favorite movies! It’s a parody of Dawn of the Dead; only this time, they added a love story and some comedy. It’s very funny as two unlikely, and lazy, heroes have to try and survive as their town […]