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Google Goes Mac

Google added a little JavaScript and a little DHTML and created Google X. A new toy that imitates the dock in Mac OS X. Nice to see others getting enjoyment out of the Mac OS. [Update] It appears to have been removed from Google It’s 4:30 CST and the link is now dead. Screenshot:

Free Advertising – Send Me Stuff

I was reading a blog post at Google Blogoscoped and it was talking about how, in Germany, companies are allowing people to acquire free products as long as the receiver takes a picture and writes a post about it in their blog. What a fantastic idea! Send me a 12 pack of Pepsi and I’ll […]

New Misukanis & Odden PR Site Design

It’s new, it’s cool and it’s live! Yesterday the new Misukanis & Odden PR site when live. We all worked hard and it turned out great! I was the main designer and developer for the site and the entire team helped add content, troubleshoot and test the site. Everyone is very excited as it’s a […]

Yahoo could be better than Google

I have to say I search at Google most of the time, however lately I’ve been using Yahoo and getting better results on some searches. I guess I need to give Yahoo more credit as they are just as good, if not better, than Google. Plus, I always report on the new Google features, like […]

Blog Software as Web Site Software?

So, as I’m thinking of a new site design and layout, I’m toying with the idea of dropping everything into the blog. I mean WordPress now has pages, it has a template system, comments and is very SEO friendly. It seems like a good idea, however I’m not so sure it’s the best idea. I […]

Google Weather Maps

As I sit here and check out Google Maps I can’t help but think how cool this would be if they added the weather. It’d be the nicest weather map on the internet and could help you track storms right to your front door! I emailed Google and told them that, however I think it’s […]

New Flash Based

They launched a new and it’s almost all in Flash! It’s amazing that such a large company would use a format that wasn’t as search engine friendly as HTML. At the same time, it’s good that someone is showcasing what Flash can do. It’s not all about moving things around the screen. What they […]

Some Useful Sites

Every day someone comes along with a new site that helps you do something new. Well lately I’ve found a few sites that I like and find useful so I thought I’d share. Technorati – Mainly blog posts, this site has the most up to date information available. Search for something that was on TV […]

Vote for top SEO blog!

Vote for TopRank’s Online Marketing SEO Blog! If you have a moment, it’d be oftly nice of you to go vote. 😉

Google vs Firefox?

Google has hired not one but two of the main Firefox team members. This helps strengthen the Firefox based Google browser rumors and make me wonder if in a few months we’ll be making so much noise about the new GoogleFox (or gBrowser or whatever) and tossing Firefox aside. I highly doubt that’ll happen though, […]