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10 years can really change a guy. Just ask Dexter.

Remember watching Dexter’s Laboratory in the 90’s? Well watching Dexter now is just not the same. He’s all grown up, has a new job and might be a little crazy. His sister is still annoying though.

America’s actually got some talent.

We’ve been watching America’s got talent and some acts are not very good. Others the judges think are good, but their just not Vegas quality. Then there are some great ones like the Silhouettes audition, that are creative and very talented. And, if you’re going to go on TV, you must have big dreams. The […]

Glee knows where the money is; merchandising.

What’s the key to success in the entertainment industry? Fox’s Glee has to be one of the smartest shows on TV when it comes to merchandising. Now I’m not talking about t-shirts and DVDs, Glee is killing the competition with music. Every week the Glee cast releases a few songs and every week, they skyrocket […]

I might actually buy a KIA if it wasn’t for this commercial.

Now that we’re looking for a new car, we’re looking at all sorts of cars from the Ford Fusion to the Toyota Camry. Last night during Nikita, they had a lot of commercials for the 2011 Kia Optima and it looks like a really nice car.  However, KIAs are not high on our list thanks to this […]

You were right, The Office is good.

This one goes out to all my friends who constantly talk about The Office and how good of a show it is. You were right, I was wrong. Christi and I have tried watching The Office in the past and just found it stupid. We couldn’t stand to watch it. Then we started catching re-runs. […]

My Thoughts On The Series Finale of LOST

My wife and I have been watching LOST for years and, as it came to the final season, we were more than excited to see what it was all about. To be honest, it’s hard to know if the series finale was satisfying or not. It was in some aspects, but left a lot of […]

Sheldon Cooper – Glee Club Member

What do you get when Sheldon Cooper joins Glee club? I’m not sure but it can’t be good.  However a showdown between Sheldon and Sue Sylvester would be entertaining. This Sheldon Cooper Glee wallpaper was created by Kaineiribas and can be obtained from DeviantArt.

Glee vs LOST. What The Hell FOX?

Ok, so I understand that TV is a business just like everything else, but FOX is doing whatever it can to derail the final season of LOST. Jerks. First I had to choose between American Idol and LOST. It didn’t take much thought to know I should be watching LOST. Now, FOX has put Glee […]