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How does one see the internet when they can’t see it?

Have you ever wondered how blind people surf the web or have you ever stopped to take the visually impaired into consideration when designing or building a site? Probably not. I believe that most web developers don’t think too much about the visually impaired. We focus more on the design and functionality and what we […]

How to shrink your Facebook tabs iFrame when AutoGrow fails you.

When building a Facebook application tab, Facebook gives you a great function called FB.Canvas.setAutoGrow (formally FB.Canvas.setAutovsize) that allows for the Facebook iFrame to automatically figure out how tall it should be to incorporate all your content. As you switch between pages in your app, it continues to grow as needed.i The downside is that it […]

SEO vs Web Design

If you talk to someone who does SEO they often wonder why web developers create sites so un-search friendly. If you talk to web developers they wonder why SEO’s have to be so picky about everything. Being in both industries I can tell you that web developers don’t think about SEO and SEO’s don’t understand […]

How to add a mega menu to WordPress

This code worked at the time, now I’m not so sure. Use at your own risk. Have you ever wanted to add a mega menu to WordPress? There are plugins that claim to do it, but why use a plugin when you can add just a bit of code. Here is one, pretty simple, solution […]

New Google Analytics goals appear to be delayed by more than a few hours.

I’m a big fan of Google Analytics, but there are just things that don’t work well. I’ve recently been setting up goals for a client and one day they didn’t work and the next day they would. It was frustrating but I eventually came to the conclusion that new Google Analytics goals must have some […]

GA? and yExplore are now Firefox 5 ready.

I received emails from Mozilla yesterday that stated GA? – Is Google Analytics Installed and yExplore are compatible with Firefox 5. So I’ve updated the version numbers in the extensions and they are ready to go. As a bonus, GA? also works in Firefox 4 now too. 🙂 Enjoy!

Passwords and backups should be two of the most important features on your site.

Your website may be amazing, but if it doesn’t have secure passwords, and it’s not being backed-up regularly, it could all disappear tomorrow. People never realize how important those things are until someone compromises their stuff. Then what are you going to do? I’ve heard two stories this week about two different developers who got […]

14 Strangely Creative Stock Photos

Creativity is one of those things that’s hard to define. For each of us it’s different, and for some it’s a bit strange. Check out the interesting stock photos below and see if they fit into your next project. Not sure where I’d use any of them, yet I kinda want to find a use […]