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MidnightFox Theme and Facebook Sidebar Extension Downloads Fixed

If you tried to download the iPhone Facebook sidebar extension or the latest MidnightFox theme beta, you may have noticed the button didn’t properly install the files. Instead it threw some odd error. This is an issue that effects mostly Windows users. I’ve since been made aware of the issue and included a link to […]

iPod Touch $20 Upgrade Rocks

I admit that paying $20 for a software update to my iPod Touch, less than a month after I got it, is kind of depressing, but I went for it and it’s like I have an all new iPod! New features include: Email client. Fully functional email that’s amazing. Weather app. I love the weather, […]

Create a simple, feature rich, Facebook Dashboard widget in 4 steps.

Are you constantly checking or updating your Facebook profile? Do you like to be up to date on all your friends? Are you having difficulty finding a nice Facebook Dashboard widget? Stop looking and create one now! It’s really simple. All you need is Safari 3 and a Mac. Here’s how to do it. Go […]

Blogging on the iPod Touch

What better way to blog than on the go! With the Mobileadmin plugin for WordPress you can do just that. The plugin re-works WordPress’ admin area to fit in with the iPhone and iPod Touch. Actually, this post has been written on my iPod Touch. *Well, up until this point. // Image lost. Sorry. Zooomr […]

Use iPhone Applications in Firefox’s Sidebar

With the release of the iPhone, many software companies are releasing iPhone versions of their applications. Even though you might not have an iPhone, there is still a chance that you can use them with Firefox’s sidebar. Firefox’s sidebar is and odd place to load a web page, however if you manage your bookmarks, there […]

iPhone Overload – Please Shut Up

Ok, I’m a big Apple fan and I think the iPhone is pretty cool, but the amount of attention it has been getting the past week is overwhelming. People are going crazy over things like cancellation policies. Who cares about that? I’m all for good iPhone information, but the amount of information flooding the web […]

Apple iPhone/PDA/iPod – Wow

The announcement today of the Apple iPhone is amazing. The little device that can do phone, music, videos, tv and so much more blows me away. All this with no buttons, just a touch screen. It’s basically like a Mac Nano. It’s almost perfect. The main, and killer, downside is that it’s Cingular only. I’m […]