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12 reasons why every parent needs an iPhone.

There are tons of things that parents buy before having a baby. However, an iPhone may be the most fun & important. Why? Because of these features: The Digital Camera – You’re going to be taking an insane amount of pictures, especially if it’s your first baby, so having a camera handy is a necessity. […]

Why Do Twitter Apps On The iPhone Rock, But Are Lacking On the Desktop?

What is it about Twitter apps that are fantastic on the iPhone and lacking on the desktop? Tweetie, Twitterrific and Echofon all rock on the iPhone, but when it comes to the desktop version, they’re all lacking in the latest and greatest Twitter features. Lets start with Twitterrific, if you’ve used it, you know that […]

iPhone Apps Coming To Your Desktop?

Could iPhone apps be coming to the desktop? No really. The biggest features on the iPhone are the touch screen and the accelerometers. For years now, all Apple laptops have a touch pad, which works in the same way. They all have a motion sensor built it too, but I’m not sure if it’s as […]

WCCO News Comes To The iPhone In Style

It has always amazed me how news stations can spend thousands on new sets, fancy graphics and anything to get more viewers on TV, but their website usually suck. Getting the local news on an iPhone or iPod Touch meant loading an overly busy, and usually slow, website or a very basic, and usually ugly, […]

Tis the Season to be Joll-E

While browsing around Amazon the other day, I saw a great WALL-E ad that featured Wall-E in a Santa hat with some Christmas lights.¬† So I took a screen shot and made it iPhone/iPod Touch friendly, just for you. ūüôā Also available is the Happy WALL-E Days iPhone background and the WALL-E Jammin on an […]

Add Jack Skellington to Your iPhone

With Halloween coming up, a Nightmare Before Christmas wallpaper for an iPhone or iPod Touch is a must have!¬† Here is the first one I’ve come up with featuring Jack Skellington himself! It’s already at the correct iPhone size and the placement of the graphics is optimized for for the iPhone as I left space […]

I’m Looking For Disney World Tips

In just a few days, the wife and I will be heading out of Minnesota and into hot and sunny Orlando, Florida! We plan on visiting all Disney parks and hitting up Universal Studios too. Since that’s a lot to do, we are wondering if anyone has any tips to share? I already have the […]

Spice up Adium with iPhone Backgrounds

Did you know that iPhone backgrounds make great backgrounds for chat windows in Adium? ¬†See for yourself. It’s really simple to do too. ¬†Here’s how. 1 – Grab a cool iPhone background. ¬†Here is the blue iPhone background I’m using. 2 – Open Adium and go to the¬†preferences¬†and click on the messages¬†area. 3 – See […]

8 Things That Baffle Me About My iPod Touch

I’ve been an iPod Touch owner since Christmas and I’ve been very happy. ¬†However, there are still a few things that I just don’t quite get. ¬†Maybe someone can help explain. Coverflow – It’s a really sweet feature, but the album art seems to only match the song that was playing when Coverflow as activated. […]

Socialthing! Sidebar for Firefox

Introducing the iPhone Socialthing! sidebar for Firefox. It’s simply an extension that loads the iPhone version of Socialthing! in Firefox’s sidebar. All features are controlled by Socialthing!, I’m just bringing it into Firefox. Download the iPhone Socialthing! Sidebar extension. (REMOVED) How it works.1. Download the extension to your desktop. Then go to Tools -> Add-ons […]