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Customizing Toolbar Backgrounds

There are three main toolbars in Firefox, each that can have a separate background. 1. Navigation Bar 2. Bookmarks Bar 3. Status Bar The main toolbar background graphic is named toolbar-background.png and located in the /global/toolbar/ folder. If you just recreate a new png file, you won’t need to edit any of the CSS code. […]

Custom Firefox Toolbar Buttons

This edition of iPox Remix, we are talking about creating custom toolbar buttons. Good buttons can really make a theme so don’t just rush through them. Update: In iPox Remix for Firefox 3, there is one image for all buttons and not really small and large versions of all buttons.  However, the same basic rules […]

Make Custom Thunderbird Labels Stand Out

If you followed the Thunderbird Labels modification I put up a few days back, you may have found out that it didn’t work for custom labels/tags. Yes, I knew that, but wanted to start off with the basic labels. Here is a quick tutorial on how to get your custom ones up and running. What […]

Creating Your Themes’ Identity & Install Files

Creating your theme’s identity is probability the most important part of creating a Firefox theme. You need to ensure your theme doesn’t conflict with anyone else’s and, of course, give it a cool name. To do this, we’ll need to modify two files inside the iPox Remix Pieces folder; install.rdf and contents.rdf. Each file should […]

Packaging Firefox Themes

One of the first things you need to understand about Firefox themes is how to package them. It’s really simple, so be prepared to have an easy first step. Firefox themes are just zip files, renamed to jar. So, if you can create a zip file, and rename a file, you’ll be done in no […]

iPox Remix – Modify or Create Your Own Theme

Announcing iPox Remix. No, it’s not a new theme, it’s the iPox source for you to customize. iPox Remix is not only the files, it is going to also be a set of walkthroughs that help you better understand how to create a Firefox theme. They could be used to modify iPox as you wish, […]

iPox Aqua – It’s all about the blue!

iPox has spun off a new version with brighter blues and all new buttons. It’s called iPox Aqua and it’s for those that like iPox, but want just a bit more kick out of the theme. Thanks to BitBox for the base buttons that started this re-work and thanks to you all for making iPox […]

Make Thunderbird’s Labels Stand Out

I’m a big fan of Thunderbrid, however one of the things that bugs me is that the labels don’t stand out enough. I feel as if they kind of blend into the background. I did a bit of research and figured out how to style the labels to stand out a bit more. Check it […]

What is the Mozilla Sandbox?

With the recent upgrade to the Mozilla Addon’s site, there is now a sandbox. What’s a sandbox you ask? Well it’s where all new addons go before they go live to the public. The great thing about the sandbox is that once you are in, you can view and install any theme or extension that […]

I Installed A Firefox Theme, Now What?

I’ve been getting quite a few messages about how to get a theme to activate. I think that Mozilla has a usability issue as once a theme is installed, nothing happens. This tends to confuse quite a few people who are new to themes. So I thought I’d put together a quick ‘Now What?’ post. […]