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SocialAddict Goes Online and Mobile

I realized that the code I wrote for SocialAddict on Adobe Air could easily translate into a web application.  So I tossed the files up online and now it’s accessible everywhere. Check it out: What’s cool about this is you can use it in a few different ways. 1 – Use it without Adobe […]

SocialAddict – 11 Social Sites, 1 Adobe Air Application

After my recent success with Plurkit, I decided to take the idea to the next level and add in more social sites.  The outcome is SocialAddict which has 11 social sites within one Adobe Air application. What SocialAddict does is loads the mobile or iPhone version of each site for easy access.  Again, I didn’t […]

Plurkit on Adobe Air

I’ve been playing around with Aptana and Adobe Air to see if I could create a basic application.  What I created was Plurkit; an Adobe Air version of Plurk mobile. Ok, I’ll be the first to admit, this is not as good as something like Twhirl. 😉 However, it is my first attempt at anything […]

Plurk Lurker – Basic Plurk Search

Ever want to search for topics or friends?  Well there isn’t a formal search yet, however you can search with Plurk Lurker, a customized Google search just for Plurk Lurker makes it quick and simple to find information on Plurk.  It is limited to what Google can see, but it’s better than nothing.  […]

Plurk Firefox Sidebar [Updated x2]

I recently discovered Plurk.  A micro-blogging site much like Twitter, only with more features, a cool layout and that headless thing! I’m a fan of the interactive and innovative timeline of posts.  However some people feel the timeline is a bit busy and go for the simplified mobile version.  So I decided to take a […]

Lets Get Social

I’m always looking to connect with more people via Facebook, StumbleUpon, Mixx or whatever social media circle. If you want to be my friend, check out my social media profile page and connect up with me. The more virtual friends I have, maybe my stories will get Dugg more or my Oregon Trail wagon will […]