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PinkHope 0.7 – Firefox Theme

PinkHope 0.7 was quietly updated last night and will soon be live at Mozilla’s official addon site. New in this version is some great icons from Ken Saunders. He put a lot of work into them and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. Not all are complete yet, but for the […]

Great, Hard To Find, Firefox Themes

Firefox themes are great and I’m always on the lookout for more. But sometimes, finding the coolest ones takes a bit of work. is the first stop for finding any themes. However, this official listing doesn’t include everyone. Some theme developers don’t take the time to upload theirs for some reason. The second place […]

iPox Goes Pink for Breast Cancer

The other day I got an email from Angel_Wings2000 who nicely asked me to create a breast cancer theme. So last night I created PinkHope. Whenever I think of breast cancer I think of lots of pink and white. So I thought iPox was a good starting point. I took a few hours and I […]

Welcome Linux Fans

t took a few days and lots and lots of test builds but I think all the Linux crashing issues with Tinseltown, iPox and MidnightFox are fixed! Even better yet, the fixes have no ill effects for Mac or Windows users. I’m so happy. A huge thanks goes out to all my help including ehume, […]

MidnightFox .60

I’ve been working out a few bugs in MidnightFox. The new version of the dark Firefox theme includes: Bigger Buttons (back to original size) No Go Button Border URL Bar Darker Search Bar Darker ForcastFox Minor Edits Right click text colors edited slightly. Additional toolbars text to white White main menu text for PC’s Custom […]

Themes Bug Tracker Online

I’ve started a bug tracker application to keep all the bugs, and feature requests, for my Firefox themes in one place. My goal is to not miss out on any requests. Check out the full bug tracker or the quick submit bug form. Basically, just fill in a few fields, hit submit and I’ll be […]

Tinseltown Feedback and Exposure

In less than one week, Tinseltown has exceeded my expectations and has been getting rave reviews. Mozilla reports that Tinseltown has gotten over 35,000 downloads in just 5 days. Checking out the comments left on the Mozilla page, there are no major issues (except for some flavors of Linux which I’m working on) and a […]

Announcing Tinseltown – Holiday Firefox Theme

I’ve just released my latest Firefox theme called Tinseltown. It’s a Christmas theme to help decorate your desktop with a bit of holiday joy. It’s hard to believe that last year my idea of a Christmas Firefox theme was to put a background image behind the toolbar. My theme knowledge was non-existent. Fast forward one […]

MidnightFox Updated for Firefox 2

Thanks to all who made requests, I didn’t know it was that popular. 🙂 Now, MidnightFox has been updated for Firefox 2.0. Full MidnightFox details.