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iPox v0.6 Released

It took a while, but I’ve finally gotten around to updating iPox! * New in v0.6 * Some Fission extension support. – Actually I coded it in and then I messed with it and I think it still works ok. Tab bar & bookmark bar backgrounds should now repeat vertically for those with more than […]

MidnightFox is Released!

The first public version of MidnightFox has been released! You can grab your copy from Mozilla’s official addon site. Keep in mind this is a dark, yet usable, theme. It’s not for those don’t like black. 😉 It’s also not finished. This is only the first public release. However, it’s got quite a lot done […]

MidnightFox is Coming

I’m currently working on a new Firefox theme. This time, it’s dark. MidnightFox is based on iPox and has some similarities. However, I’m working on theming everything to bring a nice, dark experience to Firefox. Don’t worry though, it’s not too dark. There is color in the buttons and were it seems necessary. I’m hoping […]

iPox 0.5 – Scrollbars

If you haven’t seen it already. iPox has been updated to 0.5. Lots of fixes in this version including the annoying drop down issues on XP. For features, I have added scrollbars!! Head over to Mozilla to get the latest release. Full list of what’s new in v.5 – Fixed Auto Fill (drop down) bug […]

iPox Hacks – Bookmarks Bar

New Hacks Documentation -> Two complaints I hear again and again are that people don’t like the blue of the bookmarks bar or they don’t want the icons in the bookmarks bar. Well good news. We can fix that for you. Update: Get Stylish and you don’t have to worry about finding or editing the […]

As Seen In Mac Fan Magazine

If you pick up the latest edition of Mac Fan (Mac Fan 2006.3月号), a Japanese magazine, you’ll fine some of my work in the 2006 Online Software Encyclopedia. The Online Software Encyclopedia is a separate insert that goes out with the magazine and it includes desktops, icons, themes and screen savers for your Mac. Included […]

iPox 0.4 – Buttons!

iPox 0.4 is getting released today! I have now themed all the default Firefox toolbar icons. I’m not 100% satisfied with them, but they work pretty good for now. I even added a mouse over state to each one. Rollover the back button, or any button, and it’ll highlight blue. I haven’t really checked much […]

Christmas Firefox Theme

Just Released: Tinseltown – A full Christmas Firefox Theme.  Since I’ve yet to find a nice Firefox Christmas theme, I decided to make a few easy modifications to Firefox to make it more festive. You can see the two modifications below. Now I haven’t created a full blown theme. These are just a few minor […]

Firefox themes for everyone!

I love theming Firefox and I keep coming across one or two nice themes every few weeks. From Safari type themes to PimpZilla, I’ve found a few nice ones. The other day I was searching around and came across one of the best Firefox theme sites yet. Check out this list of Firefox themes (link […]