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iPox Remix – Modify or Create Your Own Theme

Announcing iPox Remix. No, it’s not a new theme, it’s the iPox source for you to customize. iPox Remix is not only the files, it is going to also be a set of walkthroughs that help you better understand how to create a Firefox theme. They could be used to modify iPox as you wish, […]

iPox Aqua – It’s all about the blue!

iPox has spun off a new version with brighter blues and all new buttons. It’s called iPox Aqua and it’s for those that like iPox, but want just a bit more kick out of the theme. Thanks to BitBox for the base buttons that started this re-work and thanks to you all for making iPox […]

Announcing Miint – A Tasty Firefox Theme

I’m happy to announce Miint, a flat, small, green & gray Firefox theme. Miint was created with two things in mind, the first of which was the color green. Green is a color that I like a lot and one that I hadn’t worked into a theme yet. I also liked the look of Mint […]

HalloFF Rises From The Dead

Yes, it’s been a while, but HalloFF has arrived for Firefox 2. I was presently surprised this morning to see that HalloFF has been approved and made live on the Mozilla Addon’s site. I hadn’t gotten notification so I’m not sure when it went live. None the less, HalloFF fans rejoice! HalloFF is my MidnightFox […]

I Installed A Firefox Theme, Now What?

I’ve been getting quite a few messages about how to get a theme to activate. I think that Mozilla has a usability issue as once a theme is installed, nothing happens. This tends to confuse quite a few people who are new to themes. So I thought I’d put together a quick ‘Now What?’ post. […]

April the Month of Firefox Themes?

I was all excited at the beginning of the March because I had all sorts of theme updates and releases to put out along with a ‘secret’ project. Well here it is, the end of March and only a few updates have made it though. The big ones have yet to see the light of […]

iPox Mini Update

iPox 1.3 has landed and this version includes a few extension fixes and it adds in the ability to bring the old throbber back. Fission support was requested and I looked into it. It turns out that Fission doesn’t work well with a rounded toolbar. I played with it and added in support as much […]

MidnightFox Black on Black Fixes

MidnightFox 0.65 is out and it fixes a black on black issue when tying to bookmark a page.  It also adds a custom Sage button and New Tab Button on Tab Bar extension support. Enjoy!

PinkHope Updates

In the first theme update of the month, PinkHope now supports a pink progress bar. Really, I should have caught that in the beginning. 🙂 It also gets a bit of Fission (extension) support. It’s not great, but better. AddBlockPlus issues are hopefully fixed and it adds support for the New Tab Button on Tab […]

Month of the Firefox Themes

Well it’s March and I’ve got some great news, this is the Month of Firefox themes from TwisterMc, aka me! 🙂 Not only do I have an all new theme to offer but just about everyone will get some sort of an update. Some long overdue, some just minor things. I’ve been working on a […]