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The sugar free challenge has come to and end.

Sugar FreeLast week I posted that I was going to try to go sugar-free for a week. About a week later and I’m done!

I passed the challenge and it wasn’t as hard as I was expecting. Granted, I don’t think I could do it forever. I like my sweets too much.

The hardest part was my breakfast. I’m use to having something a bit more sweet than Cheerios. I also have a pretty big sweet craving right after lunch. But I was able to resist.

I can’t say that I felt any different being off excess sugar. I didn’t feel like I had more energy and I don’t feel as if my body was happier.

On a go forward I’m going to try to cut sweets out a bit more than before, but they surely won’t be gone. If anything, my daughter needs to understand that donuts and M&Ms are fine once in a while, but having them around all the time for snacking isn’t the best. She’s learning from what I do so I need to continue eating a bit healthier.

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