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My Social Bookmark Link Creator is now in testing mode. Just select the links you’d like to add to your blog posts, create the code and copy it into your blogs template. Quick and Easy.

The Social Bookmark Link Creator is a spawn of the Chicklet Creator as they both use the same underlying code to generate the output. This time, I created it for social bookmarking as it’s getting more popular by the day.

Social bookmarking is the idea that you keep all your bookmarks in one online place. Much like Gmail or Yahoo Mail, your information is always accessible no matter where you are.

By adding social bookmark links to your blog posts, you are allowing visitors to add your post to their social bookmarks in seconds. This can help generate more traffic and visibility.

I have about 30 social bookmark services available to choose from and three blogging systems; WordPress, MovableType & Blogger. I’m sure there are more bookmarks to add and blogging software to code in, but this is a good start.

Check out the Social Bookmark Link Creator and please feel free to give me feedback. I just whipped it up in the past 24 hours or so, so it’s not perfect. Bugs may exist but that’s what I need you to test it for.

Enjoy 😀

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  1. ycc2106 says:

    There are still some missing, you are welcome to use:

  2. Thomas says:

    ycc2106 – I like the icons. Maybe I’ll borrow them too. 😉

  3. ycc2106 says:

    Hatena is like the Japanese…maybe you could add it? 🙂
    I’ll bookmark yo over there then, with translation of course!

  1. 3/27/2006


    社会性书签链接创建工具:支持众多社会性书签服务,如、Furl、Yahoo MyWeb等等,制作的书签链接可用于WordPress、MovableType和Blogger。

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