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Blog Design Modifications

I’ve been making some blog design modifications and I’d love to hear your feedback. Updates include: New Chat/Comment bubble to the right of the post title. New Info bar under the post title including digg, and other social bookmarks Homepage has shortened posts. Live blog search on every page. I have checked in most […]

Google Analytics Goals Confuse Me

I’ve been playing around with Google Analytics’ goals recently and I don’t quite get how they work. They sound easy enough, but yet, they are very confusing. For example, when you add your goal, it says e.g. But on the ‘My site’s pages are dynamically generated. How do I set up funnels and goals?’ […]

New Ajax WordPress Plugins Installed

I’ve installed two new plugins that are Ajax based. Ajax Comments Great plugin that takes the refresh out of adding a comment to the site. It simply accepts the comment and adds it to the list without ever changing screens. Ajax LiveSearch This replaces my default search box with a live search box. Start typing […]

Wufoo Custom Form Maker is Fun

It’s not always about having the most unique new service. Sometimes, re-thinking the most boring tasks can be quite successful. For example, check out Wufoo. It’s purpose is to help you build web forms and collect data. It doesn’t sound very exciting but it’s well done and quite slick. I’d even say it’s fun. You […]

SkEdit – A Dreamweaver Replacement

SkEdit is simple, fast, not bloated with useless features and it’s now my Dreamweaver replacement. It’s extremely hard to find an application that can do all that Dreamweaver can, however, it’s even harder to pay $400 for a piece of software. I have been checking out all sorts of editors trying to find a great […]

What is a Feed? RSS? Subscribe?

What is a feed? A feed is a web document that usually ends in .xml or .rss and it is a slimed down version of a website that is created to be easily syndicated. It may be represented by an orange icon.  What does it cost? $0 – It’s free. What is a feed reader? […]

I’m a 2006 WebAward Judge

I’m very excited to have been picked as a judge in the 2006 WebAward Competition! Sites from all over the world will compete for a WebAward in 96 different industries. They will be judged on design, innovation, content, technology, interactivity, copy writing and ease of use. Everyone from Disney employees to to Microsoft folks have […]

IE: Flash and ActiveX Stopped

I read an interesting article on SEOMoz today about how IE got sued and now all IE users must hop though a few hops before viewing any Flash or ActiveX content on the web. …anyone using Internet Explorer now has to “activate” any flash or active-x element related to their website (EOLAS 521 millions lawsuit […]

Google Calendar Is Available

Google Calendar is out and I’ve only played with a it a few minutes but it looks cool! I was going to complain about a few missing pieces like syncing and sharing with a specific group of people, but those features do seem to be there. It’ll take some digging to find all the features, […]

Dreamweaver Replacement on the Mac?

I’m looking for a replacement for Dreamweaver on my new iMac. I like Dreamweaver but it seems to complex (and expensive) for what I need. What I’d like in a new app is code completion and code preview abilities. Granted, I know that’s not always available. Built in FTP would be good too but not […]