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yExplore : Quickly Access Yahoo Site Explorer

yExplore is a Firefox, Netscape & Flock extension to quickly access Yahoo Site Explorer. yExplore 2 has been released! Click for details. The yExplore 1.6 update brings updates to match updates to Yahoo Site Explorer, better Flock support and added Netscape 9 support. The yExplore 1.5 update included two options. yExplore the domain or a […]

MidnightFox is Released!

The first public version of MidnightFox has been released! You can grab your copy from Mozilla’s official addon site. Keep in mind this is a dark, yet usable, theme. It’s not for those don’t like black. 😉 It’s also not finished. This is only the first public release. However, it’s got quite a lot done […]

Style Mozilla Lightning

I was excited to hear about Mozilla’s latest extension called Lightning. It is a calendar extension that is nicely integrated into Thunderbird. Granted this is version 0.1, and there are a lot of bugs, but it is quite nice. A great start to a much needed Thunderbird addon. One thing that bugged me though was […]

Mint : It’s like Firefox for Stats

No, Mint isn’t another new offering from Mozilla, but rather well designed stats package for your website. Not only does it look good, it’s also very easy to use and extendable! Mint costs $30 and you install it your webserver. It’s PHP based and requires a database but it’s really simple to setup and use. […]

iPox 0.5 – Scrollbars

If you haven’t seen it already. iPox has been updated to 0.5. Lots of fixes in this version including the annoying drop down issues on XP. For features, I have added scrollbars!! Head over to Mozilla to get the latest release. Full list of what’s new in v.5 – Fixed Auto Fill (drop down) bug […]

iPox Hacks – Bookmarks Bar

New Hacks Documentation -> Two complaints I hear again and again are that people don’t like the blue of the bookmarks bar or they don’t want the icons in the bookmarks bar. Well good news. We can fix that for you. Update: Get Stylish and you don’t have to worry about finding or editing the […]

Thunderbird Saves Everything – Compact It

I’ve been using Thunderbird for a while now and it wasn’t until recently that I learned something quite valuable. Thunderbird doesn’t permanently delete anything! 😮 I turned on a setting the other day that caused me to loose a lot of email. I paniced, did some researching and found my mail. It was still there, […]

iPox 0.4 – Buttons!

iPox 0.4 is getting released today! I have now themed all the default Firefox toolbar icons. I’m not 100% satisfied with them, but they work pretty good for now. I even added a mouse over state to each one. Rollover the back button, or any button, and it’ll highlight blue. I haven’t really checked much […]

InLine Spell Check for Firefox

It’s true, there is support for inline spell check in Firefox! When I upgraded Firefox yesterday my SpellBound didn’t work so I did a little searching and found the developers preview of SpellBound. Not only did it work in Firefox but it came with a new feature; inline spell check! Now, just like Thunderbird, […]

Mozilla SeaMonkey 1 Review

I’ve downloaded Mozilla SeaMonkey 1.0 and I’m using it right now.  I was all excited as I thought SeaMonkey would be Firefox+Thunderbird+Nvu all rolled into one.  Not Quite. First off, SeaMonkey has an identity crisis on it’s hands.  I started it up and it felt like 1997 with Netscape 4.7.  Seriously people, either make a […]