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MidnightFoxy Theme Now Public

I got a nice surprise yesterday when MidnightFoxy was made live on the Mozilla Addons site! The Firefox 2 version never made it out of the sandbox over there and was never publicly available.  It bugged me, but there wasn’t much I could do.  However now, MidnightFoxy can get the attention it deserves. MidnightFoxy is […]

MidnightFox for Firefox 3 Now Available

Another day, another theme. MidnightFox has been released for Firefox 3. Instead of waiting until it’s perfect, I decided to release what I had done.  Thanks to the beta testers, any major bugs should be worked out and it’s ready to rock! If you are a fan of the spinoff theme, MidnightFoxy, that’s still awaiting […]

Miint Officially Released – A Green Firefox Theme

I wish I could say I’m on a roll, but I’m not to sure about that. Miint has been released on Mozilla’s add-on site and is now public! That makes two out of nine themes that are ready to go for Firefox 3.  One other is in production and the others waiting to get converted. […]

iPox Officially Released for Firefox 3

If you haven’t been following the betas, than this day has been a long time coming.  iPox for Firefox 3 was officially released on Mozilla’s Addon site this morning. The new version, iPox 2, has been re-worked from the ground up in hopes of creating the most compatible theme for Firefox 3. If you come […]

Miint Enters Beta for Firefox 3

Each theme I work on is a bit better than the last and Miint is no different.  Miint enters into beta today with what I believe is to be the fewest issues and the most themed so far. Yes, there are still things to do, like remove any unused files, and I’m sure some bugs […]

My First Plurk Theme

A few days ago Plurk came out with the ability to customize your profile with your own CSS code.  I put my skills to work and created my first Plurk theme! It’s a bit darker, to match my website, and comes with rounded boxes, a unified timeline and colors that pop. You can get a […]

Why I would quit theming today.

I love to create Firefox themes, make addons and lots of freebees that others often enjoy.  I do this on my free time and love to see people enjoy them.  But some days, I’m ready to throw in the towel. I’ve recently got a few comments from a visitor saying “hurry up and release the […]

iPox for Firefox 3 – Beta

Now that Firefox 3 is out, I have a lot of themeing to do! The first theme to be released for Firefox 3 will be iPox and I’m happy to announce the beta is out today. The beta was born from the Mac default theme and has been built from the ground up.  This is […]

Silvermel – Return of Firefox Style

Remember a while ago when Charamel roamed the streets?  It was one of the most detailed and perfect Firefox themes I’ve ever seen.  Well now there is Silvermel; a silver version of Charamel. Silvermel has every detail down and outstanding design everywhere you turn.  It’s a work of art that you just have to see.  […]