I’ve been tweaking HalloFF over the past few weeks to add a bit more Halloween to the theme.

9/365 - Jack Skellington by tsukinoblossom.Here is what is new in the most recent version.

  • New scrollbars featuring bones.  Jack Skellington is the Bone Daddy after all.
  • New right click menus featuring orange options with green highlights.
  • New tabs that should resemble grave stones.
  • New creepy fence background for the bookmarks toolbar and other toolbars.
  • New light up pumpkin throbber.
  • Added a bit of orange to the find bar background.
  • Cleaned up the big back button as there was some minor issues that only I probably saw.
  • Green highlight when the URL or search bar is active.

That’s the bulk of what was updated.  I wanted to take HalloFF farther away from MidnightFox and have it stand on it’s own and I think I accomplished that.  I hope others like the updates as much as I do.

Please Note: If you get a -228 error when trying to download, that’s an error with Mozilla’s servers and I have alerted them.  Hopefully they fix it soon.