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Halloween Firefox Theme Gets Another Upgrade

I’ve been tweaking HalloFF over the past few weeks to add a bit more Halloween to the theme.

9/365 - Jack Skellington by tsukinoblossom.Here is what is new in the most recent version.

  • New scrollbars featuring bones.  Jack Skellington is the Bone Daddy after all.
  • New right click menus featuring orange options with green highlights.
  • New tabs that should resemble grave stones.
  • New creepy fence background for the bookmarks toolbar and other toolbars.
  • New light up pumpkin throbber.
  • Added a bit of orange to the find bar background.
  • Cleaned up the big back button as there was some minor issues that only I probably saw.
  • Green highlight when the URL or search bar is active.

That’s the bulk of what was updated.  I wanted to take HalloFF farther away from MidnightFox and have it stand on it’s own and I think I accomplished that.  I hope others like the updates as much as I do.

Please Note: If you get a -228 error when trying to download, that’s an error with Mozilla’s servers and I have alerted them.  Hopefully they fix it soon.

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  1. thanks for the update. i will give it a try….on halloween day to make my web surfing a little more creepy! lol

  2. Boo to the Yeah!
    This looks WAY bettTer than the old HalloFF!
    Although, you might want to work on the Add-Ons menu a little.
    I can’t see the buttons to switch between Themes and Extensions…

  3. seb says:

    Love it!

  4. Loki says:

    Hey, I’ve been trying to create my own theme for firefox, and I read that it’s easier to edit one(from here). Could you explain to me how to edit it? Say I want to edit your Hallo theme, how do I get the file so I can change the extension?

  5. Loki says:

    Oh cool, thanks. I didn’t notice that before. XD

  6. JeRrYFaR says:

    I like this theme a lot. Steven does have a point: The Addons menu looks odd. I don’t have an issue seeing what to click, but the options are in the middle instead of to the left side. Hopefully that gets fixed soon. Good job on this theme.

    Also, I’ve been using Tinseltown for a couple of years now, so I can’t wait to see the FF3 version. 🙂

  7. Diane says:

    You are aware that not everything on the internet is open source and free for the taking, right? I appreciate you linking back to my photo, but some credit on this page would have been nice.

  8. Thomas says:

    Sorry Diane, Flicker and Flock make it so easy to just insert photos. I take no credit for the photo. If you email me at twistermc/gmail I can give you the credit you want, or take it down.

  9. xXfallenheartXx says:

    hello! thnxx i luv this XD … can u do the same with the new firefox i cant have this theme anymore T~T

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