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Creation of MacThemes includes Me

As I was checking out the sites (via RSS) that I do on a daily basis I came across the history of I skimmed though the article on how the basis for the site was thought up and created and what did I see? Me! 😀 They were nice enough to mention my brief […]

Safari Firefox Theme

I’ve been looking all over for a good Safari theme for Firefox and finally ran across one that has potential. Ran Aroussi has created a great Safari FireFox theme that has a lot going for it. Not only does it use the Safari buttons, it also adds in brushed metal. Granted it’s still under construction […]

View FireFox’s Cache Easily

Just a quick tip. If you are running Mozilla Firefox and you want to view your cache just type about:cache in the URL bar and hit enter. You can then search though your cache and retrieve images and files easily.

Review: PilotMouse Optical Wireless

I got my PilotMouse Optical Wireless just before Christmas and I was all excited. I got it at BestBuy and it was good deal. I really wanted a Logitech mouse, however I was looking at features and price. I wanted to spend under $30 and get wireless and optical. The more buttons the better too. […]

Blinkx Desktop Search for Mac

Blinkx released a Pre-Beta v.05 yesterday of it’s desktop searching software. This is the first desktop search software, that I know of, for the Mac. No Google, MSN or Yahoo yet and Spotlight, part of Mac OS 10.4, won’t be out for months. I haven’t seen many good reviews on this yet and I don’t […]

Mac Mini, iPod shuffle & Final Cut HD

The keynote is over and the two biggest announcements are the iPod shuffle for $99 and the Mac mini for $499! Both are amazingly tiny and priced just right! PC users have no good excuse not to check out a Mac now. Also announced was all new iApps for 2005. iTunes, iPhoto, iDVD, iWork with […]

Kensington PilotMouse Issues

My PilotMouse issues linger on. I bought this ultra cool mouse at Best Buy, where I got a really good deal, about a month ago and my happiness level is still so so. It looks sweet, has many buttons, is wireless, optical and so comfy. However it’s on screen performance lacks. It seems to be […]

Mac Attack is Back

It happens a couple times a year and next week will be a big Mac week. Why? MacWorld January 10-14 in San Francisco! The rumor sites are buzzing about all the new possibilities. There is iWork – like Microsoft Office only made by Apple, Asteroid – some audio interface to use with garage band, the […]

Firefox G5 Optimized

Lately I’ve been running a version of Firefox optimized for the G5. [updated link] Now I’m not sure exactly how this works. Someone re-builds Firefox from the source given out by Mozilla. (it is open source so it’s free) Then then change some code to take advantage of the G5 processor. While in there, they […]

Wanted: Site Map Software

I’m on the lookout for some good software to create site maps. Either computer based or internet based. You’d think it’d be easy enough for a program to spider a site and output the list of URLs with titles, however I’m having a hard time finding something that’s easy to use and works well. Any […]